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You need answers from quality respondents and you need them quickly. Our easy-to-use research platform enables you to ask any questions to any audience in Ireland and receive the answers in real-time.

Market Research Made Simple, Agile and Cost-Effective

We empower start-ups and SMEs by offering a means to gain instant feedback on their brands, products and services. We help small companies flourish by bringing them closer to their customers, without charging the fees of traditional market research agencies.

Our platform is built to make market research accessible and applicable to anyone who needs to speak to their target customers. No matter what your research requirements are, our ability to target and engage our panel ensures that we can deliver real-time insights when you need them.

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Our Story

Our founders, Charlie and Brian were business partners before Bounce Insights was born. When they first joined forces, they were working on a very different business. In their efforts to validate and finance that business, they realised just how difficult it was to capture feedback you could trust. This came from market research solutions being slow, expensive and disengaged from real people. They knew that they could do better and they did with Bounce Insights.

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