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The Client

Bewley’s Coffee have created a community of ‘on the go coffee drinkers’ across Ireland, providing them with direct access to their target audience for a range of research objectives.


Bewley’s needed a research solution that provided speed, agility and insights they could trust for questions and ideas they needed to validate. By providing access to their target audience whenever they needed, this provided unmatched customer-centricity across their organisation in a time where their retail stores were closed and customer contacts were minimised.

The Ask

For this specific piece of research, there were a few key topics Bewley’s wanted to validate about consumer behaviour changes during lockdown. This included the occasion upon which consumers now drank coffee, where they went, what they drank, home consumption and an overall review of what Irish consumers associated with the Bewley’s brand.

The Process

We work on a weekly basis with the Bewley’s team to draft up questions based on their research objectives, and help redesign the questions to combine objectivity with a smooth experience for consumers.’

The Results

For example, Bewley’s created a ‘Consumer Pulse Report’ to track how consumer tastes are changing, and how coffee brands must stay innovate to meet customer needs here.

The Testimonial

I was really impressed with the turnaround time, we launched a survey on a Wednesday which we were able to turn into content by the end of the week. Charlie and the team were on hand to help us ensure we didn’t miss a tight deadline. Simple software with great functionality.
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Richard Bissett
Customer and Insights Manager @ Bewley's Ireland
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