Folk Wunderman Thompson

A Consumer Behaviour Case Study


Sentiment analysis on the Irish population for the Irish Blood Transfusion Service.

The Ask

A full customer segmentation and analysis into the preferences, fears and likelihood of certain consumers engaging in the donation of blood to inform a marketing strategy for IBTS.

The Outcome

A deeper understanding of the behaviour of the Irish population based on region, age and gender. This allowed Folk WT to tailor the brand strategy of the client rapidly for their pitch.

The Client

Folk Wunderman Thompson

Folk Wunderman Thompson is a a Dublin-based creative agency.
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0 Hours
Turnaround Time
Number of Respondents
18 - 18
Years Old in Republic of Ireland

The Results

"I was very impressed by the professionalism and flexibility of the team at Bounce. They turned around robust results for our project in record time and were a pleasure to deal with."
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Folk Wundeman Thompson

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