Customer Centricity

Table of Contents The Importance of Listening for Brand Success One of the fundamental drivers of failure for any product, service or company is a lack of understanding for your customers. The idea that if you create a solution, rather than actually solve a problem, you are destined for demise. It’s the reason why between

Employment Preferences Insight Report

Table of Contents Introduction In this insight report, we examine what gen-z and millennials want and expect from employers and future jobs.  Characteristics We asked respondents to rank characteristics they thought employers would prefer in their employees. The 7 traits were work ethic, good communication, teamwork, creativity, leadership, being a fast learner and organisation skills.

The Future of Panels

Table of Contents Introduction Quantitative research is on the cusp of innovation. In recent decades, there has been the acceptance of slow, inefficient and poorly engaged respondent groups that are ultimately disconnected from the research they are partaking in. The percentage of completions for any given survey across the industry is estimated to be between

Covid-19 Insight Report – Part 2

Table of Contents Introduction Following in on from last week’s report, part 2 examines how young people feel about the government’s response to the pandemic and their confidence in its future. Travelling abroad Summer travel is commonplace for young people, especially college students but Covid-19 has disrupted those plans. Since March, only 11% of young

The Power of Instant Gratification

Table of Contents The Secret to Customer Satisfaction Consumer centricity and unpredictability has uprooted how brands traditionally reward their customers. Building long-standing relationships with consumers has become increasingly difficult as consumer choice and elasticity has ridden the wave of materialism in recent decades, leaving the term ‘loyalty’ tarnished. This seemingly insurmountable bond that connects the

Covid-19 Insight Report – Part 1

Table of Contents Introduction This insights report delves into young people’s opinions and expectations of COVID-19 interventions including the HSE Contact Tracing App, a potential vaccine and a possibility of a lockdown. Contact Tracing App Two-thirds of respondents have downloaded the HSE COVID-19 Tracker app. Reasons for not downloading the app include privacy concerns, issues