4 Things Respondents Hate About Online Surveys

Table of Contents Introduction It comes to no surprise that we unequivocally vouch for the prioritisation of the Respondent Experience (RX) in market research, viewing respondents as ‘people’ and not just ‘sample’. It’s downfall is the driving force behind poor engagement, low quality responses and weak reach across real consumers in Ireland. Like the majority

Irish Consumer Confidence Insight Report

Table of Contents Introduction This is the first of Bounce Insight’s quarterly Irish consumer confidence report. We examine the mood of Irish consumers and their attitude towards spending. Consumer Expectation We asked respondents whether they believed they were better or worse off financially than they were a year ago. Roughly 1 in 4 believed that

Leveraging Push Notifications for Market Research

Table of Contents Introduction The role of the market researcher has transformed over time. From knocking on doors with a pen and paper, to phone calls and transcribing results, and now we find ourselves in the depth of technological advancement where digital tools have empowered researchers to do more than ever in a fraction of

Social Infrastructure Insight Report

Table of Contents Introduction Since COVID-19, the social infrastructure in Ireland has been at a near stand still. With many pubs and nightclubs still closed, now is the time to reflect and discover key insights in order to succeed in the future. In this insight report, we examine what Irish people loved and hated about

Building Effective Online Surveys

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Retail Experiences Insight Report

Table of Contents Introduction Having compelling retail experiences are crucial for both online and in-store brands to succeed. In this insight report, we ask millennials and gen-z what they want in their retail experiences. We delve into their shopping habits and behaviours, both online and offline. Previous Next In-store retail Starting with traditional brick and

The Death of Traditional Surveys

Table of Contents Introduction In 1997, the average response rate to surveys was around 36%. By 2003, it was 25%. By 2014, it was 9%. Now, in 2020, despite decades of vast technological advancements, the completion rate for a given survey has fallen below 2% on average. This has led to the death of traditional

Brand Preferences Insight Report

Table of Contents Introduction This week’s insight report examines the brand preferences of Irish millennials and gen-z and answers some very important questions. Is brand loyalty disappearing among young people? Which brands come out on top? What qualities factor into brand favourability and how can brands improve? Banking In terms of brand favourability, the two