The Ulimate Guide to Market Research

Table of Contents Introduction In this post, we’ll provide an all-encompassing rundown of market research, including an explanation of why it is important, how to conduct it and all the tips you need to know to do it successfully. What is market research and why does it matter? For a business to succeed, they need

3 Reasons Why Market Research Is Important to a Business

Table of Contents Introduction Knowledge is power and market research is a way of gaining that knowledge for your business. Market research has an incredibly large scope and there are many different ways to use it. In this blog, we explore 3 reasons why you should use market research for your business; to market better

The State of the Market Research Industry

Table of Contents Introduction In this article, we look at the state of the market research industry, its problems, strengths and where it is heading. Gathered from our opinion pieces over the last few months, we build an alarming picture of the industry and how best to fix it. The Death of Traditional Survey The

Shopping Local Insight Report

In this week’s insight report, we look at the attitudes that our panel has towards shopping locally. With the second lockdown well underway, small businesses have been struggling and campaigns to support local businesses are popular. However, are those campaigns effective and what factors actually influence Irish consumers to shop locally. These responses were from last

Online Market Research Communities

Table of Contents Introduction According to market leaders in the United States, Fuel Cycle, in the age of constant market disruption, business leaders have found that their greatest competitive strategy is to have a direct relationship with their most valuable asset, their customers. A market research online community serves to gather a group of trusted

How companies should conduct Market Research?

Table of Contents Introduction For a business to succeed, they need to identify and fulfil a ‘gap in the market’. However, to correctly identify that gap, a business can’t just rely on instincts and assumptions but objective research that proves their value. This is where Market Research comes into play. Market research doesn’t just verify

Mobile Preferences Insight Report

Table of Contents Introduction In this week’s insight report, we explore the habits and preferences that our panel have towards their phones and mobile carriers. This insight report takes data from last week’s bolt bundle which had 2155 responses. On our panel, 51.97% of respondents use android phones, while another 45.10% prefer iPhones. Phone Plans

The Problem with Online Panels

Table of Contents Introduction According to the Pew Research Centre, the number of bad respondents for a given online panel ranged between 4-7%. In most industries, this would be considered abysmal, but considering falling engagement, weak quality checks and the rapid technology adoption by respondents, this makes a lot of sense. However, this research only