Christmas Expectations

Table of Contents Introduction In this insight report, we look at the expectations that Irish consumers have this Christmas. Due to COVID-19, consumers have different fears when it comes to the holiday season and in this report, we deliver insights into how their habits have changed and how they are feeling about Christmas this year.

How to Build an Effective Online Research Community

Table of Contents Introduction In previous blogs, we have discussed a background into online research communities (MROC’s) as well as learning how to leverage them to improve business decision making. However, as this innovative research technique becomes mainstream, it is essential that companies know how to build an effective online research community. As the world

Consumer Confidence – December 2020

Table of Contents Introduction In this insight report, we examine the expectations and confidence that Irish consumers have, with a particular focus on our COVID-19 response. The responses were gathered from our bolt bundle with 1524 respondents. The Economy We asked respondents whether they think the country as a whole will economically improve or worsen.

How to Leverage Online Research Communities

Table of Contents Introduction In its simplest form, market research is about validating your business assumptions as cheap, fast, and reliable as possible. It helps you understand the motivations of your customers, their met and unmet expectations, their perceptions towards your brand and your products and much more. You can use this information to improve

Media Consumption Insight Report

Table of Contents Introduction During 2020, media consumption habits have changed drastically due to COVID-19. In this insight report, we explore the preferences of Irish consumers and their new media consumption habits. Preferred Media The most preferred form of media was social media. Over 56% of respondents ranked social media as their highest preference. This