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This insight report dives into the brand power of a wide range of service providers in Ireland, from supermarkets to electricity providers. This research was gathered from 639 respondents aged 18 to 64-year-olds in the Republic of Ireland during April 2021.



We asked respondents what is the most important aspect to them for a supermarket, with over half (53.52%) saying “Value For Money”. This is well above the other options, with the next highest being “Convenience / Location” with 12.36% of respondents selecting it. Interestingly, only 1.56% of respondents choose customer service as the most important aspect of their grocery shopping experience.

Row chart of the most important aspect for a supermarket to consumers, with 53.52% selecting "Value for Money".

Following on from this question, we asked respondents to which of the following supermarkets (Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Dunnes Store, Supervalu) they feel achieves the value they selected in the previous question the most. Across the board, Aldi and Lidl came out on top with 31.77% and 28.64% respectively.

Bar chart of the supermarket brands in Ireland which achieves the respondent's most important characteristic, with 31.77% of respondents saying "Aldi".

When broken down into the individual values, there are some interesting results. For “Value for Money”, Aldi and Lidl overwhelmingly win, with 42.4% and 24.5% respectively. Their closest competitor was Tesco at 10.82%. However, for “Promotional Offers/Deals”, Tesco was most popular with 27.54%, closely followed by Lidl and Dunnes Stores, both with 24.64% of the respondents who selected “Promotional Offers/Deals” as their most important value. Tesco also had the highest portion of votes from respondents who prioritized “Supports Local Communities”, as well as respondents who prioritized “Convenience/Loyalty”.

Service Providers

Similarly to supermarkets, “Value For Money” rains supreme when it comes to consumers choosing a brand / service provider, with 59.78% of respondents selecting it. This was followed by “Promotional Offers / Deals” with 15.49%. Interestingly, “Online / Mobile Experience” scored the lowest, with 2.19%. “Supports Local Communities / Sponsorships” also wasn’t popular among respondents, with only 3.29% saying it was the most important aspect.

Row chart of the most important aspect to consumers when choosing a brand / service provider, with 59.78% selecting "Value for Money".

Among primary banks in Ireland, Allied Irish Bank (AIB) was the brand that achieved the value that consumers find most important the most, with 30.67% of respondents feeling so. This was followed by Credit Union with 25.2% share. Axa was the Irish insurance provider that our respondents felt most achieved the most important aspects they look for when choosing a provider, with 19.87% of the panel selecting Axa. The two closest competitors were VHI at 17.06% and Aviva at 14.4%. In regards to primary energy and utility providers in Ireland, over a quarter of respondents (25.51%) selected Electric Ireland as the brand that achieves the aspect they value the most. 

Marketing Strategy

27.7% of respondents felt that Lidl had the best overall marketing strategy and advertising among supermarket brands in Ireland. This was closely followed by Tesco at 25.67% and then Aldi at 22.54%. Dunnes had the lowest percentage at 11.58%. Among primary banks in Ireland, a third of respondents think that AIB has the best overall marketing strategy and advertising. Bank of Ireland follows at 26.45%.

A fifth of respondents (20.03%) selected VHI as the insurance provider in Ireland with the best overall marketing strategy and advertising. This was followed by Aviva and Axa at 18.47% and 16.74% respectively. The insurance provider which scores lowest was First Friend with only 0.94% of respondents selecting it. In regards to primary electricity and gas providers, Electric Ireland came out on top as having the most overall marketing strategy and advertising, with 25.51% of respondents selecting it. Energia and SSE Airtricity also were well regarded, with 18.78% and 18.31% of respondents respectively selecting them.

Best Brands

Finally, we asked our respondents to name the best brand you can think of and why. Many mentioned brands were supermarket chains, however other frequently mentioned brands were Nike, Apple and Coca Cola. Interestingly, the justifications for why those brands were the best varied even among people who named the same brand. For example, some respondents mentioned Nike’s instantly recognisable brand, as well as their memorable marketing, while others choose Nike for their high quality products or even their reasonable prices. This would indicate that often being the best brands means different things to different consumers and a brand should just pursue one aspect to encapsulate their brand.

Key Takeaways

  • Value For Money not only dominates when consumers are choosing supermarket brands but also other service providers, like insurance or electricity, with other half of consumers selecting Value For Money as the most important aspect of a brand.
  • Interestingly, among leading service providers in Ireland, consumers care more about customer service (with 10.02% of respondents selecting that as the most important aspect when choosing a brand) compared to online / mobile experience, which only have 2.19% of the vote.
  • Among supermarkets brands, 27.7% of respondents thought that Lidl had the best overall marketing strategy and advertising. Tesco also had a strong showing among consumers with 25.67% of respondents choosing Tesco as having the best marketing strategy, beating out Aldi which only have 22.54%.
  • For insurance providers, VHI (20.03%) and Aviva (18.47%) actually beat out Axa (16.74%) as having the best overall marketing and advertising strategy, despite Axa being the top insurance brand to achieve the most important aspects for consumers when choosing a brand. 

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