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How to Build an Effective Online Research Community

Table of Contents Introduction In previous blogs, we have discussed a background into online research communities (MROC’s) as well as learning how to leverage them to improve business decision making. However, as this innovative research technique becomes mainstream, it is essential that companies know how to build an effective online research community. As the world

How to Leverage Online Research Communities

Table of Contents Introduction In its simplest form, market research is about validating your business assumptions as cheap, fast, and reliable as possible. It helps you understand the motivations of your customers, their met and unmet expectations, their perceptions towards your brand and your products and much more. You can use this information to improve

3 Reasons Why Market Research Is Important to a Business

Table of Contents Introduction Knowledge is power and market research is a way of gaining that knowledge for your business. Market research has an incredibly large scope and there are many different ways to use it. In this blog, we explore 3 reasons why you should use market research for your business; to market better

Online Market Research Communities

Table of Contents Introduction According to market leaders in the United States, Fuel Cycle, in the age of constant market disruption, business leaders have found that their greatest competitive strategy is to have a direct relationship with their most valuable asset, their customers. A market research online community serves to gather a group of trusted

How companies should conduct Market Research?

Table of Contents Introduction For a business to succeed, they need to identify and fulfil a ‘gap in the market’. However, to correctly identify that gap, a business can’t just rely on instincts and assumptions but objective research that proves their value. This is where Market Research comes into play. Market research doesn’t just verify

The Problem with Online Panels

Table of Contents Introduction According to the Pew Research Centre, the number of bad respondents for a given online panel ranged between 4-7%. In most industries, this would be considered abysmal, but considering falling engagement, weak quality checks and the rapid technology adoption by respondents, this makes a lot of sense. However, this research only

What is a consumer panel?

Table of Contents Introduction The world of market research can seem wonky to outsiders. Businesses have a simple question that needs answering and yet to many, market research can make that question far more complicated. For a newcomer, the fundamentals are often skipped. Important questions such as “why is this important” and “how does it

Projective Techniques to Improve Online Research Quality

Table of Contents Introduction Technology is at it’s best when it is used to empower traditional research methods, not replace them. This is perhaps most useful when you consider one of the most fundamental problems within online market research today, low engagement from consumers. One of the most proven methods to boost engagement, interest and

5 Tips for Researchers to Improve Online Survey Quality

Table of Contents Introduction There’s nothing more deterring in research than finding out the data you’ve gathered is inaccurate or not what you expected. High quality data is not only accurate or trustworthy, but also relevant i.e. data can be reliable but still not mean anything to a business. Improving data quality increases the reliability