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This insights report delves into young people’s opinions and expectations of COVID-19 interventions including the HSE Contact Tracing App, a potential vaccine and a possibility of a lockdown. 

Contact Tracing App

Two-thirds of respondents have downloaded the HSE COVID-19 Tracker app. Reasons for not downloading the app include privacy concerns, issues with their phone’s age or storage and the person’s location. One-third of respondents have concerns about the app, in particular, concerns about privacy and effectiveness.

First impressions of the app are broadly positive, with users saying that the app is simple, easy-to-use and informative. Notable complaints include the Bluetooth draining battery life and the lack of notification to remind users to check-in.

Pie chart of the amount of respondents who have downloaded the HSE COVID-19 Tracker app, where 66.8% have downloaded

Even though 66% have the app, less than a quarter of that number “check-in” daily to report any symptoms, or if you’re feeling well.

Row chart of the frequency of check-ins on the HSE COVID-19 Tracker app, where 39.2% of respondents check in 2-3 times a week


75% of all respondents believe that there will be a vaccine before the end of 2021. However, 15% are unwilling to take a vaccine once one is available. The given reasons include fears that testing hasn’t been sufficient, waiting to see if there will be long-term effects and general health reasons.

I would like to wait and see if it was truly effective and had no adverse effects.

Survey Respondent
Bar chart of expectations for when a vaccine will be available, where 37.3% of respondents expect one in January-June 2021


66% of respondents believe there will be a second lockdown, with 85% expecting another lockdown within the next four months. 

Bubble chart of the expectations of a next lockdown, where 48.5% of respondents expected to reenter lockdown in October/November 2020


Overall, it is not a very promising outlook from Ireland’s youth:

  • The contact tracing app is good, but it will not achieve it’s goal unless they fix the teething issues listed above
  • People are optimistic there will be a vaccine available soon, but even the youngest and physically strongest are wary of trying it before it proves effective.
  • Perhaps most worrying is the overwhelming expectation that Ireland will enter another lockdown in the near future.

This report is apart of a two-part series. Part 2 further explores how young people feel about COVID-19 and the political responses so far. Click here to read more.

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