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What Irish supermarkets are the most popular and why? In this insight report, we dive into these questions and explore what characteristics matter most to Irish consumers and which supermarkets capitalise and succeed in those areas. The responses were gathered on 7th April 2021 from 2566 respondents across the Republic of Ireland aged between 18 to 65.


44.86% of respondents were “partly responsible for grocery shopping” in their household, while only 39.2% of respondents are “solely responsible”. Approximately 2 in 5 respondents go grocery shopping “once per week”. However, 46.77% go grocery shopping “2-3 times per week”. Less than 10% or  8.92% of respondents go more than 4 times a week. Per week, 23.58% of our panel spend between €100 – 150. Only 16.49% spend more than €150 in a week. 4.99% spend less than €25 per week, with an additional 14.34% spending €25-50.

Top Supermarkets

There is an even split among respondents who shop at the same supermarket every time versus respondents who shop at multiple supermarket brands. Aldi was the most frequent supermarket among respondents with 26.97%, Lidl closely followed with 25.21% of respondents. Supervalu had the lowest share with 8.89%. 


The most important supermarket characteristic for respondents was Best Value, with 46.88% ranking that characteristic as number 1. This was followed by Best Quality with 21.51% of respondents valuing it. The characteristic that had the lowest importance was best customer service with 60.95% of respondents ranking it last. Notably, best deals and best choice had the same portion of first preference votes, at 14.11%, however for second preference votes, best deals had 21.43% while best choice scored 19.21%. This would indicate that deals just win out over choice among consumers.

Preference chart of the most important characteristics in a supermarket, with most respondents ranking best value as number 1.

Best Value

In regards to BEST VALUE, Aldi won out with 42.75% of respondents voting for it. Lidl was next up with 38.97%. There was then a significant drop for the rest of the supermarkets, with Supervalu coming in last with only 2.61% of respondents considering it for its value. 

Row chart of the supermarket respondents associate with having the best value, with 42.75% and 38.97% selecting Aldi and Lidl respectively.

Best Quality

Dunnes Stores was the supermarket most associated with BEST QUALITY, with 34.84% thinking so. Supervalu was the second best, with 24.63%. Lidl had the lowest portion of respondents associating it with BEST QUALITY.

Row chart of the supermarket respondents associate with having the best quality, with 38.84% selecting Dunnes Stores..

Best Deals

Our respondents associated Tesco and Lidl the most for BEST DEALS, 29.97% voted for Lidl, while 29.11% selected Tesco. They were closely followed by Aldi at 25.25%. Supervalu got the lowest portion again with only 4.64%.

Row chart of the supermarket respondents associate with having the best deals, with 29.97% and 29.11% selecting Lidl and Tesco respectively.

Best Choice

Tesco unquestionably won the title for BEST CHOICE, with 53.16%, over half of our panel, indicating they associated Tesco the most with BEST CHOICE out of the 5 brands. The closest competitor, Dunnes Stores, had only 20.77% of respondents favouring it for BEST CHOICE. The next three supermarkets flowed around the 8-9% mark for choice.

Row chart of the supermarket respondents associate with having the best choice, with 53.16% selecting Tesco.

Best Customer Service

Dunnes Stores and Supervalu were the most associated supermarkets for BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE, with 27.47% and 27.2% respectively. Tesco had approximately 1 in 5 respondents favouring it for its customer service, while Aldi and Lidl came in low with only 12.62% and 11.57% respectively ranking for their customer service.

Row chart of the supermarket respondents associate with having the best customer service, with 27.47% and 27.2% selecting Dunnes Stores and Supervalu respectively.

Key Takeaways

  • The majority of Irish consumers favour best value for money over any other characteristic in supermarkets, with 46.88% prioritizing it. This is supported by the correlation between the most frequent supermarkets and the supermarkets most associated with best value, Aldi and Lidl. 
  • Dunnes Stores had the best scores for best quality (34.84%) as well as best customer service (27.47%). Customer service however was the least important characteristic for consumers. 
  • Tesco came out on top among consumers when it comes to choice, dominating the panel with over 50% favouring it. Tesco also performed well in regards to deals, only losing to Lidl by less than a percent.
  • Supervalu failed to come out on top for any of the listed characteristics, coming in second to Dunnes Stores for best quality as well as best customer service. Furthermore, Supervalu was the least frequently visited supermarket with 8.89%.

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