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In this week’s insight report, we explore the habits and preferences that our panel have towards their phones and mobile carriers. This insight report takes data from last week’s bolt bundle which had 2155 responses. On our panel, 51.97% of respondents use android phones, while another 45.10% prefer iPhones.

Bar chart of whether respondents are iphone or android users, with 51.97% saying they use android.

Mobile Plans

It’s a very even split in the panel between respondents who have pay-as-you-go plans and respondents who are bill pay customers; pay-as-you-go has a slightly higher proportion with 51.23% of respondents. When asked what was most important to them, pay-as-you-go customers care the most about unlimited data, with 87.95% of respondents ranking it as their first preference. Unlimited calls ranked slightly higher than unlimited text but respondents clearly wanted unlimited data over everything else. 

Mobile Costs

The median monthly fee that respondents pay to their mobile carrier was €20. Monthly costs did go as high as €100 per month for some respondents but over 65% of respondents spent €20 or less on their plan.

Line chart of how much respondents pay their mobile carrier each month.

Nearly a quarter of respondents (24.3%) purchased their last phone for €200 or less, while 20.7% of respondents purchased their last phone for €800 or more. The mean price of the panel’s last phone purchase was approximately €480 and the median price was €450.

A significant number of respondents (7%) state that the last phone that they purchased costed nothing. It is unclear whether these phones were purchased through a bill-pay plan or whether there were second-hand phones that they got for free. Second-hand phones are surprisingly common, 55% of respondents have used a second-hand phone in the past. 

Line chart of the cost of their last phone they purchased.

Mobile Phone Protection

A massive majority of respondents use a phone cover to protect their phone with 91.74% of respondents using one. 58% of respondents have a screen protector on their mobile phone. Only 13.23% of respondents have phone insurance.

Mobile Phone Longevity

Most respondents (48.17%) purchase a new phone every 2-3 years. Only 3.67% of respondents have a phone for more than five years. We asked what reasons would a  respondent buy a new phone. Most respondents (44.50%) would get a new phone when their old is broken. Nearly a quarter of respondents (23.29%) buy a new one because they wanted a new phone. A similar proportion of respondents would buy a new phone because there was an update available.

One of the most common breaks that occur on a phone is a broken screen. We asked respondents what they would do if their screen broke but their phone was still useable. More than half of the panel (52.2%) said they would replace their screen. Approximately 2 out of 5 respondents (39.21%) would continue using their phone until it was unusable, while a surprisingly 7.33% would get a new phone.

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