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As we enter a second summer dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, Bounce Insights explores the leading emotions and expectations of Irish consumers this summer. On top of that, we examine the current preferences and attitudes among Irish consumers to holidaying. This research was gathered from 1138 respondents aged 18 to 55-year-olds in the Republic of Ireland during March 2021.

Leading Emotions

Despite the impact of COVID-19, the majority of respondents enjoyed summer 2020 in some form. 10% claimed they enjoyed it a lot, while 15% said they didn’t enjoy it at all. However, despite respondent’s sentiment towards last summer, half of our panel stated that their leading emotion in relation to summer 2021 is Frustrated. They believe it’s going to be an abnormal summer again. Only 12.21% of respondents are excited for the upcoming summer, while 28.38% are confident things will return to some normality this summer. 

COVID-19 Impact

On the statement “Most of my friends are fed up and plan on travelling”, 29.7% of respondents disagree. However over a quarter neither agree nor disagree and a further 22.23 agree, demonstrating the varying opinions regarding travelling and restrictions. On a positive note, most respondents believe that once enough vaccines have been distributed, COVID-19 will not have too much of an impact. 2 in 5 respondents disagree with the statement “I don’t think COVID will have too much of an impact this summer once we get enough vaccines rolled out”, with a further fifth of respondents strongly disagreeing. However, 47.76% of respondents don’t feel confident at all in Ireland’s vaccine rollout. 


Only 12.92% of respondents plan to spend more money this summer than normal. Almost half of respondents (48.07%) expect to spend less money, with another 39.02% expecting to spend the same. Over two thirds of respondents or 70.12% are not planning on going abroad this summer. Less than 1 in 5 respondents (18%) have booked holidays in Ireland for Summer 2021. 

42.76% of respondents do agree with the statement “I love holidaying in Ireland and can’t wait to explore”, however 28.47% neither agree nor disagree. Interestingly, the majority of respondents disagreed to some extent to the statement “Holidaying in Ireland is more affordable than travelling”, with 30.58% strongly disagreeing and 29.88% disagreeing. Furthermore, almost half of respondents (48.24%) agreed with the statement “The unreliable and bad weather is the main reason why I don’t like holidaying in Ireland”, followed by 19.6% who strongly disagreed with it.

When asked what they most enjoyed about holidaying in Ireland, one of the most common responses was the beautiful scenery as well as the people. However, a major reason for respondents not enjoying holidays in Ireland was the unpredictable weather, in addition to the cost.

Key Takeaways

  • 3 in 5 respondents believe that a successful vaccine rollout will greatly lessen the impact of COVID, however almost half of respondents have no confidence at all in the vaccine rollout.
  • 50% of respondents say that the unpredictable weather is the biggest reason Irish consumers don’t enjoy holidaying in Ireland, however almost 60% also believe that holidaying in Ireland is as expensive as travelling abroad. 

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