The Ulimate Guide to Market Research

Table of Contents Introduction In this post, we’ll provide an all-encompassing rundown of market research, including an explanation of why it is important, how to conduct it and all the tips you need to know to do it successfully. What is market research and why does it matter? For a business to succeed, they need

Online Market Research Communities

Table of Contents Introduction According to market leaders in the United States, Fuel Cycle, in the age of constant market disruption, business leaders have found that their greatest competitive strategy is to have a direct relationship with their most valuable asset, their customers. A market research online community serves to gather a group of trusted

The Problem with Online Panels

Table of Contents Introduction According to the Pew Research Centre, the number of bad respondents for a given online panel ranged between 4-7%. In most industries, this would be considered abysmal, but considering falling engagement, weak quality checks and the rapid technology adoption by respondents, this makes a lot of sense. However, this research only

What is a consumer panel?

Table of Contents Introduction The world of market research can seem wonky to outsiders. Businesses have a simple question that needs answering and yet to many, market research can make that question far more complicated. For a newcomer, the fundamentals are often skipped. Important questions such as “why is this important” and “how does it

5 Tips for Researchers to Improve Online Survey Quality

Table of Contents Introduction There’s nothing more deterring in research than finding out the data you’ve gathered is inaccurate or not what you expected. High quality data is not only accurate or trustworthy, but also relevant i.e. data can be reliable but still not mean anything to a business. Improving data quality increases the reliability

The Truth Behind Consumer Research Panels

Table of Contents Introduction When it comes to panel quality in the consumer research industry, there is a much deeper issue at play. Why should panel suppliers change when their clients keep accepting the status quo on quality while simultaneously demanding lower costs? According to Ron Sellers, there are two defining truths in consumer research

The Future of Panels

Table of Contents Introduction Quantitative research is on the cusp of innovation. In recent decades, there has been the acceptance of slow, inefficient and poorly engaged respondent groups that are ultimately disconnected from the research they are partaking in. The percentage of completions for any given survey across the industry is estimated to be between

The Power of Instant Gratification

Table of Contents The Secret to Customer Satisfaction Consumer centricity and unpredictability has uprooted how brands traditionally reward their customers. Building long-standing relationships with consumers has become increasingly difficult as consumer choice and elasticity has ridden the wave of materialism in recent decades, leaving the term ‘loyalty’ tarnished. This seemingly insurmountable bond that connects the