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Get direct access to consumers using Bounce's easy to use survey platform. Get results in real-time from survey respondents anywhere in the world.

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Why Bounce Insights?

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24 Hour Turnaround Time

Get your survey results back within 24 hours of launching your survey meaning you can get real-time feedback fro consumers all across the world on any topic. Validate assumptions, uncover trends and make key strategic decisions quicker than ever before.

Customers reviews

The Bounce platform is incredibly quick and easy to use, giving us the flexibility to reach a sample of Irish respondents in a cost-effective way. Although the self-serve platform is very easy to use, the team at Bounce have been on hand and extremely responsive to helping us out when we have needed extra support
Bounce Insights Sarah Marquis Specsavers e1662649728946
Sarah Marquis
Insights Marketing Manager at Specsavers
Bounce is an exciting new addition to our insights partnerships here in Irish Distillers. The platform allows us to put the consumer at the heart of everything we do. The agility and speed of results coupled with the user friendly interface make it easy for our teams to get the answers to strategic questions and continue to enhance our product offerings
Bounce Insights Stuart Byrne Irish Distillers e1662649492150
Stuart Byrne
Global Senior Insights Manager, Irish Distillers
Since the beginning of our relationship with Bounce the team have been extremely helpful and responsive. They are very collaborative partners and are always willing to enhance the Dashboard to our specific needs. Working with Bounce means we have direct access to Irish consumers when we need it
Bounce Insights Brónagh ODonovan Diageo e1662649418741
Brónagh O’Donovan
Consumer & Shopping Planning Manager @ Diageo Ireland

Reach any consumer, anywhere in the world

Select from a variety of advanced respondent targeting criteria such as Age, Gender, Country, City, Parental Status, Purchasing Habits, Shopping Behaviour and many more! This means you only pay to reach the exact consumers in your target audience.

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Why Bounce?

Conduct market research faster than ever before using Bounce’s Survey Platform. 

Receive your results within 24 hours of launching your survey. Get direct access to consumers anywhere in the world.

24 Hour Turnaround Time

Receive your survey results within 24 Hours of launching your survey from anywhere in the world. View and analyse these results using our dashboard or export them yourself for inhouse analysis.

Target Anyone, Anywhere

Target any consumer anywhere in the world. Choose from demographic, behavioural and psychographic targeting options to best fit your target audience.

Make Key Strategic Decisions

Use the results of your research to inform key strategic decisions for your business. Bounce’s high quality assurance and data controls ensure you can rely and take action on the insights gained through consumers.

Flexible For Your Needs

Select a plan and number of credits that works for your research needs. No need to adapt to us, our platform is completely flexible to suit your needs.

Step One

Question Creation

Our goal is to make the survey creation process as seamless as possible for our clients, with on-hand survey design support and an inventory of questions to help you build the perfect research project.

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Step Two

Respondent Targeting

We can reach any audience you need with extreme accuracy thanks to our in-depth user targeting. We can also build bespoke research communities for on-going research needs.

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Step Three

Results In 24 Hours

Thanks to our respondent-first approach and unique technology, we can deliver results in a matter of hours to our clients, enabling an insights-driven culture in any organisation.

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