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Real-Time Insights

You need answers from quality respondents and you need them quickly. Our easy-to-use research platform enables you to ask any question, to any consumer, and receive answers you can trust in a matter of hours.

It’s simple – we connect you with engaged users all over the world, giving you direct access to your target consumers with any research queries you have.


How Bounce Sample Works

The Bounce Dashboard

Our dashboard has been built to suit your needs and give you full control over your projects.

No more worrying about survey design and speed – We can provide you with real-time survey design feedback from our expert team through your account as you create your project.

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The Bounce App

Our app gives the best experience for mobile users, and the results show. Our community has a response rate of over 85% – over 8X higher than the industry average. This gives us the ability to be in the hands of everyone, not just professional panelists and survey takers. Higher engagement means better representivity, better responses and better data.

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