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Data Quality

We combine a respondent-first culture with the technology required to deliver the highest quality to our clients.

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Technology Driven Quality Assurance

We control every aspect of the research process to ensure data quality is protected, and we deliver results that clients can trust. We achieve this by offering complete transparency on how our platform works

User Verification

We go one-step further than the global research standard of Double-Opt-In. We enforce both email and mobile phone verification upon registration to minimise fraudulent accounts.

Response Tracking

We leverage machine learning to track every response that comes through our platform, flagging any responses that are of insufficient quality, or simply given too fast. This allows us to ensure that every response captured is of the highest quality.

Panel Policing & Incentives

Our quality assurance process involves providing extra rewards to the best responses, and punishing those who don’t engage in high quality feedback through a ‘three-strike’ rule for removing poor respondents from our panel. This allows us to generate a ‘user quality score’ to monitor respondents across our panel.

Dynamic Targeting

We maintain up-to-date targeting information on all respondents through a system of dynamic targeting, posing uniquely selected questions to given respondents on a weekly basis. This removes the need for recurring screening questions which frustrate respondents and are prone to fraud. 

Global Research Standards

We subscribe to the research codes, practices and recommendations of the leading research organisations.

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