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Technology-Driven Panel Quality

As we are 100% mobile, we benefit from increased user verification, response tracking and survey experience to guarantee the highest quality panel


User Verification

Thanks to mobile phone verification rather than email, the uploading of government ID, and response tracking, we can verify each consumer on our platform to ensure you are speaking to exactly the right people.

Response Tracking

We leverage machine learning to track every response that comes through our platform, flagging any responses that of insufficient quality, or simply given too fast. This allows us to ensure that every response captured is of the highest quality.

Strikes & Rewards

Our quality assurance process involves providing extra rewards to the best responses, and punishing those who don't engage in high quality feedback through a 'three-strike' rule for removing poor respondents from our panel.

Tailored Push Notifications

We focus on bottom-up research, personalising the bundle experience for each user through push notifications and unique rewards, delivering a response rate of over 60%.

Outstanding User Experience

Bundle Design
Bundle Design

Combining industry leading standards with a unique understanding of our panel, each bundle is designed to deliver an engaging, exciting and enjoyable experience.

Bundle Timing
Bundle Timing

Our push notifications are issued at a time that suits each user, ensuring we have a trigger for each bundle offered to them.

Bundle Rewards
Bundle Rewards

Our users have the ability to spend their 'Bounce Points' on a rewards they actually value and can redeem instantly.

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