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Perhaps the biggest inhibitor to actionable insight is the clunkiness in which data is displayed to the end-client. In order to democratise insights, and make them readily available and digestible to people across an organisation, the data must be easy to organise and understand.

When designing the Bounce dashboard, we wanted to make it as intuitive and seamless to navigate as possible. The goal was to bring clarity to the chaos of raw data that many researchers dive into on a daily basis.

Audience Breakdown

To represent the specificity of targeting selected by the client in their ‘audience section’, the overall audience breakdown provides a starting point to understanding your data. This will usually include a full demographic breakdown of your target audience, combined with any additional targeting criteria selected which may be bespoke to that project e.g. beer drinkers, sports fans, key decisions makers in a household etc.

Cross-Tabbing & Analysis

Any targeting criteria displayed in the audience breakdown can be segmented in any way you see fit – what this means is you can repopulate the data in your dashboard based on any data captured in the audience breakdown.

To supplement this, you can cross-tabulate the data based on individual responses to any question asked, or a multitude of responses and questions to generate an entire new insight report. This allows clients to understand the ‘why’ behind the data, and dig deeper to pull out actionable insights.

For example, if you wanted to analyse the data based on those individuals who stated that “climate change was very important to their friend group”, you simply select that subgroup to analyse. This will update the results to every question which just the answers from those individuals, to understand how they responded elsewhere.

This allows you to precisely pull out insight from the same data set, leveraging more from less without having to dive into all the raw data.

Individual Graph Types

Our mission was to make the insight digestible and deliverable for anyone within an organisation, so that research could transcend departmental barriers. The feedback that came from clients was the ability to take individual graph types and plug them straight into presentations and reports, so that insight could be used by multiple teams, in multiple divisions all with one common goal, to understand their consumers.

This allows data to be acted on quickly and decisively within teams, working in real-time to be customer-centric. We provide flexibility on percentage or absolute figures, with three graph types, to make it as easy as possible to understand and act on this data regardless of your research experience or competencies.

Our dashboard is built for speed and agility, with no compromise on quality or ease of use. This has been a defining capability for our platform with our clients, and we shall continue to learn from our customers to understand how we can consistently deliver on these core traits into the future.

Exporting Data

For deeper analysis, we also provide the ability to export individual questions as a PNG, PDF or CSV file. Entire reports can also be downloaded as a PDF or Excel. These reports can include any audience filtering or cross-tabbing you have selected, so multiple reports and data comparisons can be achieved easily, depending on what the research outcome was for the project.


Just as we protect a philosophy of respondent experience, customer experience has been paramount in the design and execution of this platform. We release an updated and improved version of this dashboard every week based on the recommendations and feature suggestions from our clients.

Our goal is to empower researchers to do more with less, to be agile and speedy, and to make customer-centricity easy and cost-effective. This will be enabled by the future of research technology, which we hope to create.

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