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Survey Scripting on the Bounce Dashboard
By: Lily Mahon
Updated: 23 September, 2022 16:09
Posted: 22 February 2021 at 12:00
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When we began working on the Bounce Insights platform in January 2019, we wanted to create a central dashboard that would empower researchers to capture consumer data and insight they can trust, faster and cheaper than ever before.

Designed with the user in mind, we ensure a seamless experience that allows our clients to ask any questions, to any consumers, and receive the results in a matter of hours.

This dashboard has grown to become a powerful decision-aiding tool to validate ideas, test concepts, and ultimately capture the results for any research you would wish to carry out.

Our platform works so that you can make the transition to flawless customer-centricity in your organisation with ease. Over the next few posts, we are going to show you how our platform works to give you the insights you need! 

Home Screen 

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When you login into your custom-built dashboard, you are presented with every research activity taking place in your organisation. This includes:

  • Draft, Active & Completed Surveys
  • Responses this month 
  • Credits & Subscription tab 
  • Draft Surveys & Research Projects
  • Creating A New Survey & Existing Templates

The importance of having a centralised dashboard to manage market research is seen as it makes it easy for anyone in your team to access ‘one source of truth’ to empower decision-making with real-time data.

The key to this is asking the questions with clear objectives whether that be when creating new surveys, reviewing drafts, analysing active projects or planning for the future. 

Creating a survey

  1. On the Home Page: There is a pink button on the bottom right-hand corner of your Home Page where you can click to begin your survey
  2. My Surveys: Along the left-hand side, you can click on ‘My Surveys’. You can now click ‘Create a Survey’ in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Survey Editor: The Survey Editor is located below ‘My Surveys’. You can create a survey from scratch here or alternatively you can start by using one of the survey templates. 

Along the top, you can see where you are in the progress of the survey creation workflow: 

Create Questions – Audience – Details & Review – Checkout

Along the bottom, you will also see a taskbar that will remain there for the entire workflow! 

Task Bar Explained: 

  • Reset Editor: This will allow you to reset the entire editor. This is helpful to use if you need to create a new survey and you are in another survey. Before you reset the editor, ensure that you have saved the draft of the survey you are on, otherwise, it will be lost. 
  • Undo & Redo: This function works when you want to revoke or do something again. It works similar to the function on a Word document. 
  • Send Feedback:  This will link back to our Feedback Form – you can fill this out with any general or product feedback you might have. 
  • Save Draft: This will allow you to save your work and come back to it at a later time. Currently, our platform does not have an auto-save function in place, therefore, it’s very important to remember to save your drafts manually whenever you make any changes to your survey. 
  • Mobile View: This will produce a QR code that will allow you through our Bounce Insights app to view your survey from the respondent’s POV. Simply, download our app, go to Settings and to ‘Scan QR’. You can do this as many times as you like and it won’t register as a complete survey either. 
  • Map View: This allows you to see the overall pathway of the survey – this becomes particularly helpful where you have entered skip logic on certain questions. 
  • Next: To bring you to the next step in the survey creation workflow. 

Question Types

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When you decide on your survey objective, you will be presented with every question type you need to deliver an effective online survey. These question types include:

  • Open Text
  • Yes/No
  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Preference Questions
  • Rating Questions
  • Sliders
  • Matrix Questions
  • Image & Video
  • Dates
  • Time
  • In-App Browser
  • NPS / Scaling Questions

Our survey scripting tool has been designed to be easy to navigate, allowing you to duplicate, delete, move and edit questions with ease. Our goal was to combine functionality with experience to deliver a tool which could be used by anyone with the most basic computer skills.

The future of market research will revolve around democratised insight, and it is time that self-service tools are built for everyone and not just researchers.

Text formatting 

This will allow you to put a word in bold, italics and also underline and strikethrough the word. To add this, type the word and simply highlight/double click on the word and the options will appear above.  

To remove an element of text formatting, simply highlight/double-click on the word again and click on the type of formatting you would like to remove. 

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Skip Logic: Explained 

Skip logic is used whereby if a respondent selects a certain option, they will then be brought to a specific question that they will only get asked if they select that answer. Skip logic is an excellent tool to ensure that the right respondent is being asked the right questions. 

On the Bounce Dashboard, there are two ways of setting up the skip logic. 

Single Choice Questions:  In all of our single choice questions, you will see the option to branch certain response options to different questions following or ending the survey. 

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Entire Questions: You can also skip all respondents to a certain question to go to another question or to end the survey

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When creating a survey, you can view the different pathways through Map View. We also recommend testing out the survey yourself to ensure that the skip logic is set up correctly – you can do this in our Mobile View.

Advanced Logic

Advanced logic, similar to skip logic is a form of including/excluding certain people from answering questions based on previous responses given. 

These answers can be from any point in the survey with the option to ‘Show question’ if a respondent answers in a certain way or ‘Hide question’ if a respondent answers in a certain way. 

You also must choose to bring people who don’t qualify for the question to the next one that is appropriate for them. 

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Mobile View 

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When designing your survey, you must take a respondent-first approach. If you neglect user experience, the engagement and quality of the data captured will be compromised. Many of the problems in the market research industry originate from a lack of respondent-centricity, and we wanted to solve this.

By allowing our clients to see their survey in the eyes of their customers, they can begin to prioritise the respondent experience, and thus, deliver greater results. In a world where over 60% of consumers complete surveys on a mobile device, it is now a non-negotiable to make the survey experience enjoyable for every consumer.

The first step is to put yourself in their shoes from the beginning, so we added a feature to do just that.

Map View 

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Similarly, it is essential that you can control the flow of your respondents by designing their journey from start to finish. This is aided by a clever ‘Map View’ where you can segment respondents, add conditional logic, and design surveys without complication.


It is often the greatest challenge to simplify seemingly complex tasks, and there were few industries more at fault for this than market research for preserving complexity as a way to keep barriers to entry high. Thus, it was our mission to make the survey design process simple, seamless and effective for anyone looking to launch a survey.

By providing the tools and resources in our blog, combined with the technology to empower any researcher, we hope we can continue to accelerate the speed, agility and quality of market research in years to come.

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