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Bounce Dashboard Tutorials

Learn how to get the most out of the Bounce platform for you and your business.

Survey Scripting

Simply create any questions you have from a range of ten question styles on our easy-to-use survey creator. You can even upload images, branch questions with conditional logic and start off with preset templates.

Audience & Communities Targeting

Select your exact target audience using in-depth targeting criteria to receive accurate and accessible feedback from consumers. Choose from a range of demographic criteria, including location, gender, age, employment status and social class.

App Experience

Your questions will be sent directly to selected consumers in our panel of respondents using personalised push notifications and tailored rewards to ensure maximum engagement and quality.


Thanks to our mobile-first solution, your results shall come in real-time, with insights delivered in a matter of hours. Once your target number of responses is hit, results will be viewable via our interactive dashboard and fully exportable.


At Bounce Insights, we strive to make market research easy and accessible to everyone. Check out our glossary to make sure you are never confused with fancy jargon again!

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