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What makes
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Bounce Insights enables companies to validate the assumptions behind every decision they make.

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We are committed to delivery insights within 24 hours. By prioritising survey experience and design, we can engage consumers anywhere in the world, and capture results quicker than anyone else. Our team also works closely with every client to assist in question creation, survey design and implementation. This ensures that any brand can create an insights-driven culture, validating every-day decisions with research they can trust.

24 Hour Field Time
Survey Design Support
Real-Time Results Dashboard


Consumer research is often seen as a daunting task, meaning many brands lack the confidence or technology to perform it regularly. We take the stress out of this process by offering support at every stage, suggesting questions that fit your problem area, designing surveys to remove bias, and handling all data delivery and quality screening. We leverage technology to do this at scale, so you don’t have to worry.

Dedicated Account Manager
Recommended Audiences & Sample Size
Simple Exporting & Analysis Tools

Access to Consumers

We have created a model for accessing consumers around the world that leverages our own network of mobile users, and the best global panel partners to ensure we can meet our client needs while protecting our respondent-first approach. For example, thanks to our mobile app, we can reach and access consumers that many panel partners struggle with, such as 18-35 year olds.

Proprietary Mobile App
Directly Vetted Panel Partners
Respondent-First Approach


As a technology company, we place a huge emphasis on verification and quality of panelists, and the responses they deliver to clients. We use email and phone verification upon registration, combined with a suite of quality screening tools in every survey that ensures each user is tracked and monitored to guarantee the credibility of their answers. This is an essential element of our platform that allows our clients to be confident in the data they are using to make key business decisions.

Email & Phone Verification
Respondent Tracking
Manual Quality Screening

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