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what makes bounce Different?

Bounce Insights makes market research easy. We accomplish this through the use of five key factors.


Our next-gen targeting capabilities enable you to reach the right people at the right time and place. Segment your audience using multiple demographic traits and locations across Ireland. For those who need nuanced, custom targeting fields, simply contact us and we’ll assess our panel to find you your audience.

Custom-built audiences
Reach anyone, anywhere, at any time


Ask your audience anything, and have your answers the next day! Our cutting edge platform leverages industry leading technology to reduce response time from a matter of months to days. We are committed to delivering full client reports within 48 hours.

Simple & intuitive software
Real time response display

Mobile First

We’re mobile first. From our push notification delivery to our survey design and in-store rewards, we put user experience above all else, because a better survey experience means higher quality data.

Push notifications
Instant gratification


Panel quality is important to us. Industry panels are comprised of members who may create multiple accounts with false profiles. We verify members through mobile number verification, government ID and machine learning filtering to ensure our panel is 100% authentic.

Use our own verified panelists
Machine learning filtering

Response Rate

The average response rate to market research is just 3%. Our average response rate is 70%. We’ve built Bounce Insights to offer a user centric experience and we offer relevant, enticing rewards. This ensures that we can maintain a community of 6,000 active, engaged users through our app and you can get the answers you need when you need them.

Industry Leader

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The Bounce Dashboard has been built to suit your needs and give you full control over your projects.

No more worrying about survey design and speed – We can provide you with real-time survey design feedback from our expert team through your account as you create your project.

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