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"Never use this company – because they are my unfair advantage and I want to keep them a secret."

Sarah Hughes, Head of Strategy @ BBDO

Customers reviews

The Bounce platform is incredibly quick and easy to use, giving us the flexibility to reach a sample of Irish respondents in a cost-effective way. Although the self-serve platform is very easy to use, the team at Bounce have been on hand and extremely responsive to helping us out when we have needed extra support
Sarah Marquis, Specsavers
Sarah Marquis
Insights Marketing Manager at Specsavers
Bounce is an exciting new addition to our insights partnerships here in Irish Distillers. The platform allows us to put the consumer at the heart of everything we do. The agility and speed of results coupled with the user friendly interface make it easy for our teams to get the answers to strategic questions and continue to enhance our product offerings
Stuart Byrne, Irish Distillers
Stuart Byrne
Global Senior Insights Manager, Irish Distillers
Since the beginning of our relationship with Bounce the team have been extremely helpful and responsive. They are very collaborative partners and are always willing to enhance the Dashboard to our specific needs. Working with Bounce means we have direct access to Irish consumers when we need it
Brónagh O'Donovan, Diageo
Brónagh O’Donovan
Consumer & Shopping Planning Manager @ Diageo Ireland

Bounce helps brands understand their consumers and make better decisions

Step 1

We Listen

We listen to your problems, your information gaps or the areas of your business where you’re lacking insight or understanding. This ranges from a full research brief to a conversation with you where we listen to what you need, understand the ultimate objective and collaborate on where research can help.

We Ask the Right Questions

Create your survey
Target your respondents
Step 2

We Recommend

Based on this, we will leverage our unique data on methodologies, questions and solutions available on our platform and create a custom proposal. This will propose multiple options available that we believe will solve your problem, meet the research brief and hit the business objective with end-to-end consultancy and servicing.

Our Recommendations Include:

Step 3

We Execute

Once decided, our team will design, script and execute the research from start-to-finish. We handle all quality assurance, and deliver the results back to the client within 24 hours to begin analysis and interpretation. We work closely with our clients to ensure they can pull out the necessary insights – the project is not complete until our clients have achieved their objective.

Where We Differentiate

Bounce Insights Dashboard

Our Services

Plus many more!

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Usage & Attitudes

Understand how your customer segment behaves by focusing on the usage, attitude, awareness, consideration and habits of key customer groups

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Tracking & Trends

A modern way of tracking brand equity, consumer behaviour and key trends in your industry to stay on the pulse of the market

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Concept Testing

A wide range of creative, concept, communication and value proposition testing with all stimulus possible on our platform

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Brand Strategy

Executing brand research to identify growth opportunities in a given industry, category or customer segment. Leveraging research to drive revenue and growth

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NPD & Innovation

For all innovation pipeline research, from concept validation and iterating testing throughout, we are a go-to partner for new product development

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Validate Decisions

We allow for agile research dips to any consumer group in the world to get feedback on ideas, test hypotheses or validate decisions from day-to-day

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Customer Insights Research

Get results in real-time from your customers anywhere in the world

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Concept Testing Research

Compare and contrast the appeal of different product ideas to consumers

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IMG_9381 - Bounce (WEB) - Photo by Guy Boggan
IMG_9451 - Bounce (WEB) - Photo by Guy Boggan
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IMG_9364 - Bounce (WEB) - Photo by Guy Boggan

Our Promise

Get Dedicated Support From Experts

We have built our brand on putting clients and consumers first, working tirelessly to deliver the best service possible. We want to partner with brands who want to collaborate and execute together

Support Available

Our team is always on hand to help you with your research needs

You don’t have to face your research alone. Our team of research experts are available at any time to help you with any questions, challenges or gaps you may have in your team.

Schedule a session with our team to help solve business challenges in relation to research or key brand decisions. We are here to help, and provide a unique perspective.

We will always provide optionality and will be flexible in our recommendations to fit your needs, your budget and your timelines. We are transparent and direct in how we approach research.

We know most teams lack the time and resources to do it themselves. Let us do the heavy lifting, and be the expert in the room auditing all the research, so you don’t have to worry.

We are responsive and we care, don’t ever hesitate to reach out and speak with our team members. We won’t always be right, but we’re here to help with anything we can do.

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