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About Us

About Us

Bounce Insights was born from a desire to make market research smarter, faster and more cost effective.

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Our Story

Our founders, Charlie and Brian were business partners before Bounce Insights was born. When they first joined forces, they were working on a very different business. In their efforts to validate and finance that business, they realised just how difficult it was to capture feedback you could trust. This came from market research solutions being slow, expensive and disengaged from real people. They knew that they could do better.

In response to this, they developed Bounce Insights to be a technology-driven solution that not only makes a connection with Irish consumers, but maintains a community of active, engaged respondents. This is research that excites and feels relevant to respondents across Ireland who demand seamless smartphone experiences and instant gratification for their participation in any mobile app.

Meet The Team

Brian O'Mahony


Charlie Butler


Ronan Dowling-Cullen


Josh Stafford

Lead Developer

Brandon Dooley

Lead Developer

Brid O'Donnell

Marketing Manager

The Challenge

Traditional market research offerings rely on outdated technology to reach, engage and capture insights from respondents. This has led engagement rates globally to fall for the last 23 years. As a result, research has become slow, inefficient and expensive for brands in Ireland.

Lost Competitive Advanatage

The ability to easily reach and understand your customer is the cornerstone of competitive advantage. Market research no longer delivers the value it should.

Higher Costs

A lack of of investment in technology and automation, combined with this falling engagement, has led to rising research costs from traditional agencies.

Slower Results

With engagement rates falling as low as 3%, the turnaround time for research is often weeks, if not months. By the time the data arrives to the client, it is outdated.

Lower Quality

Respondent validation and tracking is crippling the market research industry, with trust and quality being threatened globally. Data you can’t trust is a worthless asset to any brand.

Our Solution

Thanks to our founders’ drive to create user-centric research technology that connects with modern audiences, Bounce Insights has an average response rate of 72%, and an active community of 10,000+ users who engage through the Bounce Insights App. 

This engagement rate enables our clients to create any question, target any consumer cohort in Ireland, and receive the results in real-time. You can learn more about our platform here.

1 %
Response Rate
1 hr
Survey turnaround
1 +
Interviews Per Hour

Quality Assurance

Although we are serious about making research enjoyable and engaging for our clients and respondents, we are committed to quality. We employ a rigorous user verification process to ensure that you get answers from respondents that you can trust. In addition, we leverage machine learning to track response quality and monitor inconsistencies in the data delivered.

We subscribe to the research codes, practices and recommendations of the leading research organisations Esomar, Efamar and the Market Research Society. You can learn more about our commitment to quality here.

Do More With Bounce

Our dashboard has been built to suit your needs and give you full control over your projects.

No more worrying about survey design and speed – We can provide you with real-time survey design feedback from our expert team through your account as you create your project.

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