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From day one, we envisioned a platform that could instantly pinpoint any consumer a client needed to reach. This would allow companies to be specific, and benefit from both accuracy and trust in the data they were receiving. 

In our eyes, the cornerstone of good research was reaching the right people, with the right questions, at the right time. When looking at traditional screening questions as a way to target respondents, we felt it was flawed. Instead, we wanted to build up a deep understanding of every user in our panel over time, so that our clients could identify and reach their target audience for any research needs they had on a day-to-day basis.

Just as we have seen in many industries, a hyper-targeted and personalised experience is essential to engage modern day consumers, and research needs to adapt to this. This approach leads to a win-win for both the client and the respondent, meaning the client can cut through the noise to reach those individuals that matter, and respondents contribute their opinion to topics and brands they care about.

In this section, we are going to take you through exactly how the Bounce Dashboard delivers this audience targeting for both our ‘community’ and ‘ad hoc’ clients:

Community Targeting

Screenshot of the community selection feature on the Bounce Dashboard

As discussed in our blog series, communities are the fastest growing research methodology across the United States, a country that leads the industry in innovation. The transition from single-focused surveys to multi-purpose research communities will allow insight to be democratised across an organisation. 

This approach allows each of our clients to leverage more from their panel of consumers. They can even segment each individual community into specific products, brands or projects that they are looking to gain insight from. Organisations then utilise research for both short and long-term objectives, rather than relying on structured research reports which lack context or specificity to make tangible difference to their everyday research needs.

Within the Bounce platform, we allow each client to custom-build their audience in three ways.

  1. They can choose from our pre-existing panel of users in Ireland.
  2. They can select their target audience, and allow us to recruit that audience for them.
  3. They can supply their own audience that we can on-board onto our mobile app for them.

Once built, clients simply select between which audience they would like to launch their questions to, and it will only be sent to those who are part of that research community. This saves the client time, money and effort as they capture highly targeted and relevant information from their audience in a matter of hours.

General Audience Targeting & Balancing

Screenshot of the age targeting and weighting feature on the Bounce dashboard

For clients that need bespoke research, or specific needs for an ad hoc research project, the Bounce platform allows you to target any cohort within our own panel for same-day insight.

You simply select your target audience using age, gender and region. This primary targeting criteria can be weighted in any way you wish, whether it be for national representation or any other reason.

In Depth Targeting

Screenshot of the deep targeting feature on the Bounce Dashboard

For more in-depth targeting, the Bounce platform allows you to target anyone in our panel with any form of targeting that you require. One of the biggest ‘pet hates’ of respondents is screener questions, where people are omitted from surveys and led to lie in an attempt to earn their reward.

To solve this problem, we created a system of ‘dynamic targeting’ which keeps an up-to-date profile of every user within our app based on their responses over time. This allows our clients to pinpoint any demographic, behavioural or psychographic information on every user within our app to get accurate, real-time data to meet all of their research needs.

Whether you want to reach dog owners in rural Connacht, or sports fans with children in Ulster, the Bounce platform gives you certainty when selecting your ideal audience. This shift away from screener questions allows researchers to gain the most from the already shortened attention span of respondents.


Sometimes in research, less is more. Speaking to the right people on a consistent basis can be the catalyst for an organisation’s success. Customer-centricity is a philosophy that must be supported by technology, and we believe the Bounce platform can do just that.

Whether it’s a bespoke community you can speak to every day to validate your product decisions, or a custom-built audience that you need for a large-scale market research report, our platform is as agile as it is effective, and we’d love to show you – book in a call with Charlie today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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