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Coca-Cola HBC Partners With Bounce

Coca-Cola HBC needed a research solution that would help them make key strategic decisions and provide them with the support and expertise needed to design and script high-quality surveys. When Coca-Cola HBC met Bounce, it was a match made in heaven to drive the business forward.

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DIAGEO Partners With Bounce

Diageo Ireland needed a way to remain agile when making key strategic decisions. They wanted a way to access consumers, in real-time whilst insuring that the results gathered were robust and reliable. Luckily, this is Bounce’s speciality.

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Irish Distillers Picard Ricard partners with Bounce Insights

Irish Distillers needed regular access to real-time, robust consumer insights without compromising the quality of their data. Operating in a highly competitive market, it’s extremely important for companies like Irish Distillers be on top of what the most recent trends and behaviours of consumers are. Luckily, Bounce had a solution for exactly that.

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Camile Thai Partners With Bounce

Camile Thai Kitchen leveraged the Bounce platform to track their brand awareness & consideration across the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. They were looking for a solution that would help them determine both how their brand is performing against their competitors and also, gain insights into consumer behaviour around takeaways.

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Specsavers Partners With Bounce

Specsavers wanted to gauge the effectiveness of their recent brand partnerships in the Irish market and they needed to reach a specific audience of consumers in order to capture this information. Bounce was there to help make this happen.

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Paddy Power Partners With Bounce

Paddy Power is a repeat customer of Bounce, with a dip-in, dip-out approach. A lot of the research they conduct demands speed and agility, two things Bounce Insights is built on.

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The Public House Partners With Bounce

The Public House have created a Youth Mobile Community consisting of 16-24 year-olds across Ireland giving their opinions and ideas on the mobile network brand, 48. This allows them to run a monthly tracker to help them keep on the pulse of their target audience.

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Thinkhouse Partners With Bounce

Thinkhouse needed a consumer research solution that could move fast. They needed the data to back and inform their Heineken 0.0 Dry January campaign and Bounce was the perfect fit.

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