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How Camile Thai Kitchen fostered close ties to their consumers across Ireland and the UK using Bounce

Camile Thai Kitchen leveraged the Bounce platform to track their brand awareness & consideration across the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. They were looking for a solution that would help them determine both how their brand is performing against their competitors but also, to gain insights into consumer behaviour around takeaways.

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Saoirse McCloskey

Research Lead @ Camile Thai

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Brand Awareness Tracker, Consumer Research, Survey Design

Camile Thai partners with Bounce Insights to conduct consumer research

The Problem

Brands need to be able track their brand awareness amongst the sea of competitors. Questions such as “are we resonating with our key consumers” are of vital importance, especially when launching into new markets.

Camile Thai needed to do exactly this. They wanted to be able to track their awareness across three different markets and also compare the different behaviours and motivations consumers had around takeaways in each.

This was especially important to track in London as they had just recently launched in South London and needed to gauge their awareness in the area as well.

Camile Thai needed to get a sense check on their brand awareness in all of the markets that they are currently operating within. With their London market for example, they needed to be able to go to specific areas of South London where they had just recently launched

Máire McCarron, Account Manager

The Solution

Camile leveraged the Bounce platform to conduct extensive brand awareness and consumer behaviour research. Along with our Account Management team, Camile built their survey which ensured that they were capturing the correct information they needed to be able to track their brand awareness. Camile Thai were able to ask questions to consumers that were aware of the Camile brand across Ireland, Northern Ireland & South London. This targeted research enabled them to gauge the awareness and consumer sentiment for their brand in these areas.

Camile Thai were able to use our platform to conduct real-time consumer research that gave them a measure of how their awareness looked across their different markets and where they stood against their competitors. This allowed them to gauge consumer sentiment towards Camile Thai and has ultimately helped them make data driven decisions using the technology of the Bounce Platform.

Charlie Butler, Co-CEO

Our Impact

The data has enabled Camile Thai to make data driven decisions regarding the awareness and consideration around Camile Thai in their three major markets. This was particularly important for them for making decisions in the Northern Ireland and London markets, as they are relatively new markets for them, and help them determine what was resonating most with their target market. Camile Thai will track of their awareness over time and ensure that their communications and advertising are having an affect.

Bounce’s Account Management team made the consumer research process straightforward, from survey design to result interpretation. Meaning that Camile Thai could focus on what’s most important to them, making informed business decisions. This is what Camile Thai had to say:

In Q1 of this year, we required a smart, fast and cost effective brand awareness tracker which would give us more granular data particularly for our Camile Thai London and Northern Ireland markets. Bounce Insights met the brief and quickly turned around a multiple market survey which we could then self-serve via their easy to use dashboards.

Saoirse McCloskey, Research Lead, Camile Thai Marketing

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