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How Diageo leverages Bounce to make key strategic decisions in real-time

Diageo Ireland needed a way to remain agile when making key strategic decisions. They wanted a way to access consumers, in real-time whilst insuring that the results gathered were robust and reliable. Luckily, this is Bounce’s speciality.

Insights From

Brónagh O’Donovan

Consumer & Shopping Planning Manager @ Diageo Ireland

Use Cases

Survey Design, Brand Awareness, Creative Testing, Consumer Behaviour Tracking & New Product Development

Diageo Ireland partners with Bounce Insights to conduct consumer research

The Problem

The alcohol industry is one of the most competitive industries within the FMCG space, the companies that operate in this industry are juggling many different brands at once, ensuring that each is performing, that the right decisions are being made and that they are remaining customer-centric throughout.

Diageo Ireland needed a research platform that would enable them to uncover consumer insights that would inform their decision-making processes. However, they didn’t want a self-service platform that would leave them in the dark when it comes to survey design and scripting. They needed a way to access consumer research quickly while insuring that these results were robust and reliable.

Diageo Ireland needed speed, flexibility and robust data when it came to their research so that they were making decisions using insights they could trust. This was all while ensuring that they were keeping their customers and their behaviours at the forefront of their decisions

Máire McCarron, Account Manager

The Solution

Bounce created a bespoke respondent community of alcohol drinkers across Ireland which ensured that Diageo Ireland could ask the right question, to the right person, at the right time. This meant Diageo Ireland could uncover insights that would inform their internal decision-making processes with confidence.

By combining our technology platform with seamless survey scripting and design support, Bounce provided a solution that allowed Diageo Ireland to have research on-demand for their wide array of brands in Ireland, whilst having the assurance that the data collected was robust and reliable.

Diageo Ireland have been one of our longest-serving customers and we now fostered a very strong relationship with them. They use the Bounce platform to ensure that they remain customer-centric in everything they do, ensuring research is validating key decisions being made across branding, marketing and new product development.

Charlie Butler, Co-CEO

Our Impact

The Diageo team have been consistently using Bounce since the beginning of 2021. Thanks to their bespoke audience of consumers, Diageo have been able to make key strategic decisions quickly and stay top of their industry. Not only have they been able to gauge their brand awareness and effectiveness, but they have also been able to track consumer sentiment and behaviour month on month using the Bounce platform, meaning they can remain agile and react to consumer changes in real-time.

This is what Diageo had to say:

Since the beginning of our relationship with Bounce the team have been extremely helpful and responsive. They are very collaborative partners and are always willing to enhance the Dashboard to our specific needs. Working with Bounce means we have direct access to Irish consumers when we need it and as a result the insights we’ve garnered from Bounce have been extremely valuable to our brands and to our organisation.

Brónagh O’Donovan, Consumer & Shopping Planning Manager

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