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Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard partners with Bounce Insights to conduct agile consumer research that informs their decision making

Irish Distillers have named Bounce Insights to be one of their insights partners for 2022. For a company like Irish Distillers where keeping the customer at the centre of their decision making is paramount, the Bounce Insights platform allows for them to obtain agile, robust results within 24 hours whilst keeping the consumer front and centre.

Insights From

Stuart Byrne,

Global Senior Insights Manager, Irish Distillers

Use Cases

Survey Design, Consumer Research, Brand Awareness, Pre/Post Campaign Research, Concept & Creative Testing

Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard

The Problem

Operating in a highly competitive market, it’s extremely important for companies like Irish Distillers to always be on top of what the most recent trends and behaviours of consumers are. As well as ensuring that their communications are resonating with their own consumer base. In order to ensure they could adapt to the changing market conditions, Irish Distillers needed access to robust consumer data, and they needed it to be fast.

Irish Distillers care about keeping the consumer at the centre of everything they do, they need a solution that will allow them to gain insights and data around the their consumers, which they use both to inform their communications but also to show internally where they stand with their target market.

Máire McCarron, Account Manager

The Solution

Irish Distillers use the Bounce platform to avail of robust consumer data by being able to ask any question, to any audience, at any time, without having to worry about pre-existing budgets. As a result Irish Distillers is able to keep up to date with recent trends and consumer behaviours, as well as ensuring that their brand comms are resonating with their own consumer base.

Included in this plan is the ability to choose any targeting type for respondents and access to our best-in-class account management service, which assists with survey questions, design and support.

Stuart and the entire team at Irish Distillers have been excellent to work with so far, we are delighted to be helping provide fast, agile results which enables Irish Distillers to be aware of and act on the most recent consumer trends and behaviours. We are delighted to be continuing this partnership into 2022

Charlie Butler, Co-CEO, Bounce Insights

Our Impact

The team at Irish Distillers have been already been of our most active users in 2022 – they have used the platform to help track consumer behaviours and to track the success of their St. Patrick’s Day campaigns.

Every set of questions that have been set live have come back within 24 hours along with the help of our Account Management team to make their consumer research process straightforward but also enables them to track recent trends and behaviours. This is what Irish Distillers had to say:

Bounce is an exciting new addition to our insights partnerships here in Irish Distillers. The platform allows us to put the consumer at the heart of everything we do. The agility and speed of results coupled with the user friendly interface make it easy for our teams to get the answers to strategic questions and continue to enhance our product offerings and experiences for our consumers

Stuart Byrne, Global Senior Insights Manager, Irish Distillers

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