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How Paddy Power uses Bounce to capture nationally representative data within 24 hours

Paddy Power needed a research platform that they could use to stay on top of hot topics and trends. However, they needed this data to be reliable and robust. Meaning they needed a consumer research partner that could provide them with nationally representative audiences, survey design and scripting support and incredibly fast speed. That’s where Bounce came in.

Insights From

Rachael Kane

PR & Mischief Champion @ Paddy Power

Use Cases

Question Design, Public Relations, Media Research, Pre & Post Campaign Research, Concept Testing

Paddy Power partners with Bounce Insights to conduct consumer research

The Problem

Paddy Power are one of the brands that frequently leverage research in their content marketing and PR strategy. Their thoughts, ideas and campaigns require research to can be validated and that the data can be used successfully.

Due to the nature of their industry, Paddy Power need their research to be conducted as rapidly in order to stay on top of trends and be the first to the race with hot topics. But because this research is being used in their PR strategy, they also need to be sure of its robustness and reliability. Previously, they had no way of doing this.

Paddy Power, like so many other brands and agencies, need the process of ‘we need to do research’ to having the data to be as quick as possible - working in an industry and putting out information that might not be relevant in the next 24 hours, they need to work at speed but also need to ensure that the data they are getting is accurate and robust

Máire McCarron, Account Manager

The Solution

When Paddy Powers needs to validate ideas, thoughts, or campaigns, they use the Bounce platform. They need a platform that could bring them from the thought of research to actually having that research done as quickly and as robustly as possible.

The Bounce Insights Account Management Team help them with this tremendously. They offer help in some of the more time-consuming elements of research – survey and question design, scripting, setting an audience, setting and monitoring the survey once live and cleaning the data.

With this help, Paddy Power has the time to concentrate on taking the key points and information from the results and generating content worthy of big headlines.

Our Account Management Team aims to be part of your team, we want to help do as much of the heavy lifting as possible so that our clients can put the time and effort in where they really want / need to which is taking the insights from the data.

Charlie Butler, Co-CEO

Our Impact

With our service and quick turnaround times, Paddy Power are able to come to us on a Monday morning and have their research back by lunch on Tuesday – this allows them to go to press with their data as quickly as possible.

This is what Paddy Power had to say:

The window of opportunity for campaigns like this are extremely tight, and we approached Bounce Insights on Sunday to ask the impossible – could they have all the data from the survey locked and loaded by Monday to allow us to distribute it to the media on Tuesday morning in advance of the semi-final. Unphased, they had the answer within hours.

Rachael Kane - PR & Mischief Champion, Paddy Power

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