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How Paddy Power leveraged the Bounce platform to capture a national audience’s thoughts within a few hours.

Paddy Power are repeat customers of our insights platform, with a dip-in, dip-out approach. A lot of their research they conduct demands speed and agility, the two things Bounce Insights is built on.

Insights From

Rachael Kane

PR & Mischief Champion @ Paddy Power

Use Cases

Question Design, Public Relations, Media Research, Pre & Post Campaign Research, Concept Testing


The Problem

Paddy Power frequently has thoughts, ideas and campaigns that require research to be validated or the data to be executed successfully. Previously, there was no way to conduct this research internally with the necessary speed and confidence over the data.

The majority of ad hoc customers we work with are used to research that takes weeks to turn around, so the first opportunity we get to show them how our platform works is always the most enjoyable. The expectation in research is slow, frustrating and rigid - these are problems we solve with ease.

Máire McCarron, Account Manager

The Solution

This type of research brings out the clearest value in our platform. The process is simple, and all occurred within a 24-hour period:

  1. Questions were submitted to us by Paddy Power for a national audience
  2. Our team redesigned and scripted the questions for review
  3. Paddy Power approved and the questions were launched
  4. Responses were captured, cleaned and ready for analysis within a few hours

Almost every long-term subscription customer we have comes from an ad-hoc piece of research that they run on our platform. Once their eyes are opened to the speed and ease of the platform, and the rapid support of our team, it’s quite hard to go back to traditional solutions.

Charlie Butler, Chief Commercial Officer

Our Impact

With all ad hoc customers, a 24-hour turnaround is guaranteed. This enables brands we work with to conduct research continuously and iteratively, making decisions on data they can trust from customers they specifically need to reach. This is what Paddy Power had to say:

The window of opportunity for campaigns like this are extremely tight, and we approached Bounce Insights on Sunday to ask the impossible – could they have all the data from the survey locked and loaded by Monday to allow us to distribute it to the media on Tuesday morning in advance of the semi-final. Unphased, they had the answer within hours.

Rachael Kane - PR & Mischief Champion, Paddy Power

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