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How Specsavers used Bounce to make key brand partnership decisions in the Irish market

Specsavers wanted to gauge the effectiveness of their recent brand partnerships in the Irish market and they needed to reach a specific audience of consumers in order to capture this information. Bounce was there to help make this happen.

Insights From

Sarah Marquis

Insights Marketing Manager at Specsavers

Use Cases

Survey Design, Brand Awareness, Sponsorship Effectiveness, Audience Targeting, Pre & Post Campaign Research

Specsavers partners with Bounce Insights to conduct consumer research

The Problem

As with all brands partnerships, it’s always important to ensure that these partnerships are resonating and make sense to consumers. Specsavers wanted to test both their brand awareness but also the effectiveness of their recent partnerships. They needed to reach a specific audience of consumers in order to capture this information as they only wanted to speak to those who will avail of their services.

Capturing awareness and effectiveness of campaigns is always something that brands are always eager to capture and make decisions off - however, this can be difficult where you are not getting the real time data.

Máire McCarron, Account Manager

The Solution

Specsavers used the Bounce platform to carry out this research on their brand awareness and overall partnership effectiveness. By using the Bounce platform, they were able to exclusively capture feedback from their current and potential customers. This targeting research enabled them to review and act on the information from those customers that matter most to them.

Specsavers used the Bounce platform to measure the success of their key partnerships but also their general brand awareness amongst their target audience and those who could potentially avail of their services. This allowed them to determine whether their key partnerships were resonating with their current and potential customers

Charlie Butler, Co-CEO

Our Impact

The insights gathered has enabled Specsavers to make data-driven decisions regarding the awareness and consideration of their brand and key partnerships. Specsavers were able to leverage this data to make key decisions around their communication of their partnerships and offering in general while ensuring that they were taking this information from their key demographics.

Bounce’s Account Management team made the consumer research process straightforward, from survey design to result interpretation. Meaning that Specsavers could focus on what’s most important to them, making informed business decisions. This is what Specsavers had to say:

The Bounce platform is incredibly quick and easy to use, giving us the flexibility to reach a sample of Irish respondents in a cost-effective way. Although the self-serve platform is very easy to use, the team at Bounce have been on hand and extremely responsive to helping us out when we have needed extra support.

Sarah Marquis, Insights Marketing Manager at Specsavers

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