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How Specsavers captured pre and post campaign research using the Bounce platform.

Specsavers have created a unique audience of consumers who have recently had an eye / hearing test so that they could gauge pre and post-campaign awareness for one of their primary sponsorships.

Insights From

Sarah Marquis

Insights Marketing Manager at Specsavers

Use Cases

Survey Design, Brand Awareness, Sponsorship Effectiveness, Audience Targeting, Pre & Post Campaign Research


The Problem

Specsavers needed to reach a specific audience on two occasions in order to capture brand awareness and sponsorship effectiveness across two of their leading partnerships in Ireland. Traditional solutions could not provide the agility or the targeting required.

Like many of our ad hoc clients, Sarah needed some survey creation and design support. This is something that differentiates us from ‘self-service’ platforms, where we don’t only provide the technology, but also the support to launch expertly designed surveys to an audience recommended by our team based on each client’s needs. We think this is a game-changer for brands.

Máire McCarron, Account Manager

The Solution


The objective for Specsavers was to get everything set up in the beginning, and allow our team to handle everything else. This meant finalising the survey design, target audience and launch dates as quickly as possible. From there, we simply delivered the results on the day requested for both campaigns, so that Sarah did not have to worry about anything else.

What we are finding the more clients we work with, is that our platform has the ability to execute many types of research that are traditionally outsourced due to complexity or time constraints. Specsavers opened our eyes to another piece of research that can be transformed with our technology

Charlie Butler, Chief Operating Officer

Our Impact

For both research campaigns launched, results were delivered on the requested day without fail. This allowed Sarah to pull out insights easily, and share them across the organisation rapidly. This is what Specsavers had to say:

The Bounce platform is incredibly quick and easy to use, giving us the flexibility to reach a sample of Irish respondents in a cost-effective way. Although the self-serve platform is very easy to use, the team at Bounce have been on hand and extremely responsive to helping us out when we have needed extra support.

Sarah Marquis, Insights Marketing Manager at Specsavers

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