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How Thinkhouse uses Bounce to create jaw dropping campaigns backed by data

Thinkhouse needed a consumer research solution that could move fast. They needed the data to back and inform their Heineken 0.0 Dry January campaign and Bounce was the perfect fit.

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Lucy Carroll

Account Manager, PR & Advocacy

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Question Design, Public Relations, Media Research, Concept Testing

Thinkhouse partners with Bounce Insights to conduct consumer research

The Problem

Often when launching a new campaign for a brand, agencies will conduct research in order to help them build a story around the campaign, as well as put some data to back it up.

Thinkhouse came to Bounce to collect data for their upcoming Dry January campaign with Heineken 0.0. They wanted to show that people can have just as much fun when opting for 0% alternatives and that the month of January “does not have to be miserable when going alcohol free.”

Thinkhouse was in need of robust data surrounding their latest campaign with Heineken, because backed by data, your messaging and communications will be amplified.

Máire McCarron, Account Manager

The Solution

Thinkhouse availed of the Bounce Insights services and platform for this campaign research, along with many more projects for their various other clients. Bounce’s account management team helped with survey design and scripting, cleaning the data, and helping Thinkhouse understand how to interpret the results.

This allowed Thinkhouse to then use their time more efficiently and effectively in interpreting the data and pulling out the key insights and information while doing it all in as quick a time as possible.

Agencies like Thinkhouse are working under time and budget restraints, as well as significant client pressure to deliver the insights “yesterday”. With the help of our Account Management team we are able to help Thinkhouse to get from idea to insight as quickly as possible without allowing data robustness to drop.

Charlie Butler, Co-CEO

Our Impact

Through the combination of our platform and account management service, Thinkhouse was able to complete this project for Heineken but also other client projects as quickly and robustly as possible. We offer support with a lot of the repetitive, time-consuming tasks that brands usually need to take care of inhouse meaning that Thinkhouse has more time to focus on creating great campaigns based on the data collected.

Working with Bounce Insights is always an absolute pleasure. With 24 hour turnaround times and really competitive rates they are my go to for all things research. The team are super helpful and responsive throughout the whole process which makes everything a lot smoother. They really get behind projects from the get go and follow through at every stage.

Lucy Carroll, Account Manager, PR & Advocacy, Thinkhouse

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